What do i prefer a Kindle or a book?

Something i have always loved is reading since having a child i kind of let it slide into the background picking up a book maybe once every other month or so and not completing it. Since Elijah started to get into a bit of a routine and i have given up social media more i am enjoying the free time and using that time getting into a good book so my love of reading is back.

I’m trying to go through my book shelf and finish off my books i’m yet to read so i can buy more on my kindle. I recently was brought by my lovely husband a new kindle after my old one bust and i love it. It is so light and easy to read from and is back lit so i can read i’m the dark. I can read for hours without getting tired arms which i find i do reading books. I don’t requite a bookmark to not loose where i am i simply close my case and it saves the page and turns off.

I quite enjoy the new book smell and going into a book shop and choosing a new book and its a perfect thing to buy as a gift and others can borrow your book. However… i can order a new book CHEAPER from my phone and read immediately wherever i am taking up the least amount of space in my bag. I also don’t like the paper wastage of all the books i have and that books sometimes cannot utilise the space well.

However this is good for reading for children books they are black and white so children are not as engaged with the little colour so would be best for a older child young adult. So i will stick to proper books for our little guy for now although he does have a kindle fire and enjoys some books in colour on there.

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