Are we letting children spend too much time on tablets?

As a parent we all wonder what are we doing right and what are we doing wrong. Being born into age of increasing growths in technology it’s hard not to fall down the rabbit hole.

I brought Elijah a kindle for kids about 4 months ago. I brought it because I decided that I didn’t want to let Elijah use my phone as he’d go on different things I wanted to teach him my phone is mine and his tablet is his. The kindle for kids is also smash proof and replaced if smashed and I control everything he can go on, watch and download. I control how long he can watch things on there and turn off from my phone if he’s being a horror. We use it for films, books and games but mainly films. We typically try to use the tablet no more than two hours a day so it has a timer on and will shut down when it reaches that timer. I like to make sure Elijah spends a lot of time playing with his toys and probably watch a bout 2 hours of kids tv on the tv with him a day too which isn’t much but when I think about how annoying kids tv it’s quite a lot. Elijah normally has a hour on his tablet before his dinner and the other hour whenever he asks for it which he doesn’t much. Today is the first time Elijah has used his kids earphones, they are so quiet and cosy for him and he will never be aloud to wear them when not sitting next to me.

I honestly think there’s no harm in them watching kids things on phones or tablets for little instalments throughout the day and it’s good for them. Elijah watches a lot of animal songs and nursery rhymes and sings them and says almost every animal name on videos he watches. It also keeps him distracted sometimes so I can cook dinner in peace without him screaming dinner at the stair gate. I also let Elijah use my phone on the bus to watch nursery rhymes so he behaves and doesn’t get bored sometimes he doesn’t use it but when he’s particularly moody I let him watch on my phone. I don’t judge other mothers for their child’s use of tablets and phones. If it works for your family it works for your family. Just so long as your child’s learning and not just watching pointless rubbish all the time and still gets out and plays with toys then what’s the harm?!

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