Hypnobirthing and our experience.

Hypnobirthing was something my Midwife’s recommended and I signed up for a the start of my pregnancy. We started our classes at around 30 weeks and we had 4 two hour classes over the next five weeks out with a weeks break in the middle.

What is hypnobirthing? Basically it’s preparing your self for birth. It’s sort of like getting yourself into a state of complete relaxation as a couple while in childbirth. It’s using the mind to relax. You’re given scripts and a book to practise at home where you talk through the scripts and relax sort of in a state of hypnosis.

Every week we’d begin with being talked through stages of labour and understanding it. We where talked through any questions we have by the midwife who taught the course. We then would have a break and then she would make the room dark we’d sit in a comfy area and do a script. In some scripts our partners would be in charge of stroking our arms to a pattern to relax us, hole our belly weight with a scarf and various other things. The voices would be quiet whispering and you’d use your imagine to drift off.

The scripts worked really well and I really enjoyed the class. I drifted off into complete relaxation and the scripts helped me at home to relax. It made me think of things to get like massage oil, Lavander essence, Led tea lights and lot more to use in labour.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to have my natural labour but I definitely would of used it and it really helped me relax and feel more in control when doing it. The best thing for me was though the one couple we spoke to turned out to become one of our best friends and a bridesmaid at my wedding.

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