A Caesarean section is NOT the easy way out.

Let me break this down for everyone there was NOTHING, NOTHING easy about me having a c-section. And when someone says it was the way way out it boils my blood and makes me furious to the extent I see red. Today somebody said it was the easy way out to me again and i wanted to scream. This may trigger some people who have had a stressful birth.

I had a section almost 2 years ago now. There was nothing easy about it. The anxiety I was going to die, the procedure itself, the recovery, the struggle to breastfeed, the struggle to bond just everything was not EASY. It has been 2 years and I still feel pain when I lift something to heavy or move into a funny position, when I stand completely straight or wear tight clothes I feel like my csection scar is going to rip open and my muscles feel pain like they’re being ripped apart again.When people want to make competition out of their child birth it sickens me a bit. So what you had a baby naturally and did something that’s been done for millions of years but it does not give you the right to judge others for choosing what is what is best for them and their baby. Having a baby with no complications naturally you can go home the same day and start your life. You can walk around and carry on life as normal.

With a csection you cannot just get up straight after having your baby to settle them as they cry because you’re paralysed by the drugs and pain at first. The first time you get up you require two staff members to help you out as you SCREAM in pain as your stomach muscles awake to the fact they’ve been ripped apart and it feels like it’s happening over again with no pain relief. The first time you stand up your blood gushes down your legs. Oh yeah, you bleed and hurt down below it’s not just you natural birthers that get the blood and pain as your body reacts to the baby leaving. We also get pain when peeing and pooing too. Oh yeah and imagine your first poo and pee but you’ve had all your stomach muscles ripped open aswell! Ha is it easy now to imagine pushing out a poo when your in so much pain you might just throw up too? Walking is agony, your breathless and exhausted from the surgery you stand up straight and it’s agony in your stomach. Weeks after you’ll struggle to sit up, cough, laugh or walk. You’ll struggle to breath sometimes it hurts so much. You’ll get severe back pain from the medication and ginormous needle they shoved in your back which you can feel on a cold day or just sitting years and years later you can feel exactly where the medication and needle was pushed in. If you had spd you don’t heal as quickly from not having a natural childbirth. You mentally never get over not having a natural birth and if you had to get put to sleep you never, ever get over missing your child’s birth. So the next time you want to say “too posh to push” or “the easy way out” you better count yourself lucky you never had one and hope you never have to. Most importantly keep your backwards judgements to yourself because of that csection and medical intervention mum and baby survived and without it they probably wouldn’t of.

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