Throwing a Halloween party for toddlers.

Tis the season to be spooky and it’s my favourite time of the year. I’ve been really excited to get Elijah into Halloween and autumn activity’s as he gets older so i decided this year is the year. I thought about doing a little party with his little friends so all his friends could dress up and have a excuse to eat lots of food looking adorable doing it.

We have arranged the party for a few days before Halloween at 3-6pm so that kids will of had their naps and can have food and come and go as they please. Were just going to make a buffet and guests have offered to bring a dish each to make up more food which i guess will feed the parents (meaning me) too.

Where did i get all my bits from for the party? I got them all, yes all from poundland. It all came to ten pounds and for the food i estimate will cost me 15 so a whole party for 7 kids for 25 pounds is pretty cheep i think. I brought balloons for the toddlers to kick about and take home. Some hangable decorations to decorate the room and make it a bit more spooky but child friendly. I only brought things i wouldn’t scare kids so cute little monsters are perfect for this and not scary atall. I brought a table cover, plates and napkins for kids to dish up their food and also a big bucket for candy which can be used after for trick or treaters. The two lanterns can be used as house decorations at autumn times and used for decoration for the party too.The led light ghost changes colours aswell as the projector so can light and project patterns around the room!

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