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Today’s blog post is all about what I do to calm down. Have you been keeping up with my daily blog posts? To read the latest copy the short link or check my bio!
Today’s read for our animal obsessed boy, it’s been raining so much today so we’ve stayed in and read and napped. We’ve both got this horrid cold that’s been going round and sticking to your chest so I’ve been utilising his nap time and napping too. People never tell you how hard being a parent is when both you and your child are ill it is so draining! Currently whacking the heating on and watching hey duggee under blankets!
We’ve spent our evening making Christmas cards. I know it’s early but considering i take like a month to remember to deliver any sort of card it’s probably right on time😂
Praise be! What I’m reading now! I’ve had this book for about a year and keep going to read it and stop. After being deeply immersed in the tv series and having to watch all of the seasons in every spare moment I had I thought enough time had passed now to pick the book up again. I’m about half way through and loving it but hating it at the same time. It’s a brilliant book but also such a harsh storyline that sometimes I feel a bit horrid reading it but I’m unable to put it down and must learn more and what happens next. Anyone else obsessed the tv series too and can not wait to see what happens next? #praisebe #thehandmaidstale #bookstagram
There’s something about the cold weather that makes me crave chocolate cake and a warm cup of tea ☕️🍰
This is my favourite little plaque in my house. I’m a sucker for cute little quotes and probably always will be. Whenever I look at this little thing I smile and remember to do more of what makes me happy. Just a reminder to “do more of what makes you happy”!

The question every mother will get asked straight after ripping/or popping a giant watermelon sized child out of them. I think I was asked 3 days after I had Elijah and he was still very unwell at the time and the thought of me giving any attention to anything else than my son and thinking of having another child was complete madness to me. As he gets older more and more ask. Every time I see family I still get the are you having another one? Just do it now it’s easier when they’re younger! Oh go on! Elijah needs company he’s lonely! I know people never mean anything by it but it is ok to say no I don’t want another one (yet or maybe ever).

People should really think before asking this question. First of all that person could just not want any other kids and that’s their choice they should not be guilted into children they don’t want and could consequently the mother and children suffer because of this. Secondly they could be struggling with infertility, they could be trying everyday and this could really hurt them hearing these comments and feel like a failure. They could also have issues that could cause infertility and taking control by choosing not to try and the reminder makes them question whether they even could and loose that control. Thirdly sometimes people can’t afford it. People forget the cost of a child and when you throw another one in the mix you can’t treat the first one as much do things as much and sometimes you have to move to a bigger house too. Also people won’t typically watch two children at once so childcare will go out the window and your child may suffer from seeing people less because there’s a baby and unfair to the baby too.

Do I want another baby? At the moment I’m unsure. At the moment I think no. I want my son to enjoy being a baby and giving him my undivided attention. I missed out on so much went I sent him to nursery that I only have a good year before nursery starts part time, then full time then school. I want him to understand a brother or sister aswell I want him to be involved in the choice too. If we asked him if he wanted a brother or sister I’d listen to his view as much as I could because I remember being a only child going to one of three. No I do not resent my brothers for being born if that’s what you’re thinking. At the moment I’m scared I can’t have anymore either so I don’t want to try and be upset too as I suffer with endometriosis. I am petrified of having another csection and childbirth if not the case. I’m afraid of having two things to look after instead of one and I’m worried about all the fights they’ll have. For now it’s a no but I’m open to change in a few years. I definitely don’t think I would try until Elijah was in school because if want to give them both my time as much as possible not one more than the other but if it happened it happened I guess.

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