It’s okay to hate your body after a baby.

Its okay to hate your body after having a baby, of course you’re thankful to your body for being able to grow a life inside there but it is more than ok to not like how it looks afterwards. Nobody tells you when you have a baby you’ll still have somewhat a bump sometimes and that your stretch marks will stay and cause lumps and bumps in some unmentionable places.

Hips get big and don’t work like an elastic band going back into place once your child’s out. Csection scars are not always pretty. Overhang causes a literal muffin top that will never go away. You’re stretch marks stretch to the thighs, hips and boobs aswell as going around and round on your stomach. Your hair falls out in clumps and doesn’t come back. You’re complexion is fairer with darker circles surrounding your eyes that no amount of concealer can single handedly fix.

Boobs deflate and become somewhat saggy after breastfeeding. No mater how little or often you do it. You’re love handles become love drawers, rolls apon rolls that refuse to go. Loosing weight is harder because you’re still trying to recover whilst also feel the need to rush every meal. You’ll notice your body doesn’t feel like your old one. Straight after having my baby I had people tell me it’ll go back soon and soon still hasn’t come. Diets, excercise and body butter rituals later I still look like I’ve got a deflated balloon bump for a stomach waiting to be blown up again and get even more saggy.

My point being it is is ok to not love your post natal body and not everyone’s snaps back to their original size straight away and that’s ok. You’re aloud to hate reading posts where people say they love their body because they have a kid! I am thankfull and greatfull that my body could do this incredible thing such as grow a baby. But it is ok also to look in the mirror and not be happy. It’s valid to not be grateful that you look like a half deflated beach ball at times. It’s ok to want to wear swimsuits now over a bikini or long sleethed tops and jeans now instead of crop tops and shorts. It’s ok to look in the mirror and not be pleased. It is okay.

4 thoughts on “It’s okay to hate your body after a baby.

  1. Thank you for this! I have less than 5 weeks until I give birth and am already worrying about my body. It isn’t the most important thing to me right now, my bean will be, but its hard enough seeing the stretch marks. Worth it though!

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    1. It’s perfectly okay not to like what’s happened to your body and you should also go into motherhood with no expectations that you’ll be the same as before. It’s okay and of course our body’s are a marvellous thing but personally I’ve seen enough of mothers posting body positivity posts when they clearly don’t like their body’s either and it makes me feel somewhat ashamed I don’t like my body when why should I If it’s not the body I had before. Maybe one day I will learn to love it but for now it’s okay, I’m greatfull but it’s my body and my opinion and yours will always mater and be valid xx

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      1. I know exactly what you mean! I’ve cried over my thighs and boobs, but then seen celebrities like Marnie Simpson has gained a lot of weight and was like thank god a celeb who doesn’t care but then she clearly photoshopped a pregnancy shoot so there wasn’t one bit of cellulite or stretch mark and it made me sad. They don’t like it but they are pretending to love it ! Love your final comment ! Xx

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      2. I wish we lived in a world when what we saw was the truth but the internet has become somewhere people believe to only show the best of their lives and not be them true selfs. I get it I really do I’d be lying if I’ve never used a filter on my face before putting it online but it’s just not me, it’s just not real and we should post more of the truth. I love my body for giving me a child but I will never look in the mirror again and feel safe and comfortable in my own skin, I will never again wear short tops or a bikini and I will never loose weight as quickly again basically as I don’t have time either and you know what it’s okay and it’s life I just wish more celebrity’s where more honest. It’s not that I don’t love my child as he’s made me this ugly person it’s just my perception that so many others see too. When someone sees someone with loads of stretch marks nobody goes you go mama they just stare and that’s because of the internet and platforms not being used right! X

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