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7 o clock. The time when Elijah goes to bed and we come down and start cleaning up his mess and tidying away. After everything’s cleared up I find myself plonking myself down on the sofa after sticking the fairy lights and candles on around the house. I never burn candles while Elijahs awake so I love my house smelling lovely and everything being low lit and quiet. Adults need wind down time too! @worldofessenceuk wax melts smell the best and exactly like what they say on the packet my livingroom smells like my washing without the putting away 😍also this is not a ad even if I wish it was 😂
Today’s read for our animal obsessed boy, it’s been raining so much today so we’ve stayed in and read and napped. We’ve both got this horrid cold that’s been going round and sticking to your chest so I’ve been utilising his nap time and napping too. People never tell you how hard being a parent is when both you and your child are ill it is so draining! Currently whacking the heating on and watching hey duggee under blankets!
We’ve spent our evening making Christmas cards. I know it’s early but considering i take like a month to remember to deliver any sort of card it’s probably right on time😂
Praise be! What I’m reading now! I’ve had this book for about a year and keep going to read it and stop. After being deeply immersed in the tv series and having to watch all of the seasons in every spare moment I had I thought enough time had passed now to pick the book up again. I’m about half way through and loving it but hating it at the same time. It’s a brilliant book but also such a harsh storyline that sometimes I feel a bit horrid reading it but I’m unable to put it down and must learn more and what happens next. Anyone else obsessed the tv series too and can not wait to see what happens next? #praisebe #thehandmaidstale #bookstagram
There’s something about the cold weather that makes me crave chocolate cake and a warm cup of tea ☕️🍰
This is my favourite little plaque in my house. I’m a sucker for cute little quotes and probably always will be. Whenever I look at this little thing I smile and remember to do more of what makes me happy. Just a reminder to “do more of what makes you happy”!

A fond memory of mine will always be school dinners. Those yummy little portioned meals and deserts you thought about all day leaving your tummy just full enough to run around for the rest of the day. If you like me love a old school classic like cornflake tart, chocolate crunch or classing sponge cake I’m the blog for you to watch because I will be posting the recipes to many of these and other things too!

So without further teasing here is the recipe! I haven’t made this desert since I lived in my old house and used to help the people I supported cook and teaching them how to make my deserts was a lovely experience and I’ve never met someone who hasn’t enjoyed it! The photo is of my own cooking in my old house before I lost my tart tin! Funny how when you move house you loose things!

500grams of short crust pastry handmade or store brought like me as takes too long.
125grams of golden syrup
125 grams of granulated sugar
125 grams of butter
220 grams of cornflakes
150 grams of seadless strawberry jam

Roll pastry out and grease baking paper onto a pie dish or long baking tray then put the pastry on stretching to sides and pressing a fork over it. Then add baking beads or uncooked white rice onto top covering it. Then place in oven at 180 for ten minuites . Remove the pastry and remove the rice/beads. Then put jam in microwave for thirty seconds. Then spread jam over the pastry. Then pour the golden syrup, butter, sugar in a pan and cook till melted then add cornflakes and. You then cook till all syrup is soaked into the cornflakes and then spoon on the cornflakes to the pastry. You will then then put in oven again for ten more minuites and then that’s it! Easy as pie! Or pastry in this case!

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